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Kerio Operator Offers Big-Business PBX Features at a Small-Business Price


Small and mid-sized businesses looking for a commercial VoIP-based phone system (PBX) without the big-business price tag should consider Kerio Operator. This enterprise-class communication system is loaded with the features all businesses need, is easy to configure and administer, and offers considerable cost savings.

With all the phone capabilities people love, Kerio Operator enables users to stay in control of their appliances through a centralized web interface called MyKerio. The feature-rich system offers myriad call routing and handing options critical to business success and will integrate easily into your existing IT infrastructure.


Kerio Connect - Business Class Email


Kerio Connect Offers Features, Function and Reliability in an Affordable Mail Server

The days before email became essential to doing business seem like a theme for a documentary on the History Channel. Gone are the days when businesses relied solely on snail mail and phone calls to communicate. Email is a critical component to business success and the ability for your mail server to multitask is just as important. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if your email server is adequately meeting your current needs.

  • Can you synchronize email messages between your phone and computer?
  • Is the endless barrage of spam making it hard to find the real messages sent to you?
  • Can you see and update the same list of contacts on your phone and your computer?
  • Are you able to send and receive meeting invites that sync with your calendar?
  • Can you easily set an out-of-office message and schedule it to turn on and off by itself?


Protect Your Network with Kerio Control Firewall

One of the realities of doing business in the 21st century is the necessity to protect company and customer data. Unfortunately, the bad guys are out to steal information and they are getting better and better at it. New payment card industry (PCI) compliance laws are taking the responsibility for data breaches off of the banks and putting it on businesses. Along with this added liability, businesses are also facing stricter enforcement of HIPAA and other privacy regulations, the necessity for enforceable employee acceptable use policies, and the security threat inherent in remote access to its network via the internet. These factors combined create a recipe for potential disaster.

Kerio Control offers a complete firewall solution that provides multiple types of protection called Unified Threat Management. This all-in-one solution will protect your network from malware, viruses, and malicious activity through a vigilant system designed to keep the bad guys out. Read More...

Collaborate Like a Pro and Save Money

Promotion extended till September 30th, 2015
If you’ve been struggling to find a simple way for your staff, consultants, clients, vendors, and anyone else who makes up your team to collaborate on projects and easily communicate status updates, assignments, changes and revisions, Samepage is the way to go. This multi-use tool puts all of your project’s components in one place, lets you assign tasks, and makes it easy for your team’s players to communicate without the need for multiple file sharing, messaging, and project management programs.


Setup Mac AddressBook to Sync with Kerio Using Exchange

Instead of using Kerio Sync Connector to sync Address Book on the Mac with Kerio you can also use the built-in Exchange Sync feature in Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5. This has the advantage of not having to using the third party software of Kerio Sync Connector to perform the sync but instead uses Apple's built in syncing tool. The biggest downside to this method is that the sync with the server is not as complete. For instance, you cannot sync the picture attached to the Address. Groups, Global Address Lists and resources cannot be synced and the sync frequency cannot be customized. However, if you just want a easy sync of your basic Address Book or you can't use Kerio Sync Connector for some reason this method is for you. Read More...

Importing Contacts into a Kerio Public Contacts Folder

Kerio does not have the ability to do a direct import of contacts into a Contacts folder. It would be nice if there were an import tool that would allow to you to import a text file or vcards, but currently that is not available.

The best way to get a large number of contacts into a Kerio Contacts folder is to use an existing user's account and use Address Book, Outlook or Entourage to sync the contacts to the server and then move the contacts to the appropriate Contacts folder on Kerio. Read More...

Connecting Address Book (Mac) to Kerio

With Kerio it is possible to sync your Address Book (AB) with your personal Contacts folders and Public Contacts folders using the Kerio Sync Connector. It's also possible to just search Contacts folders using LDAP without having them in your Address Book. Let's discuss both ways. Read More...

Creating a Shared Contact List in Kerio

With Kerio it's possible to create a directory of Contacts that can be shared throughout the organization. There are several different ways to share Contacts in Kerio, but this way works best for sharing between users accessing Kerio from different sources ( Webmail, AddressBook, Entourage, Outlook ). Read More...

Updating Kerio Sync Connector

Customers using Macintosh and our hosted Kerio MailServer service will notice an update message on your computers after we have run updates on the Kerio MailServer. These notices are normal and should be installed to make sure you have the latest version of the Kerio Sync Connector on your computer. Read More...