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iOS 7 releases September 18th

The release of iOS 7 is finally almost here. Apple’s new operating system for your mobile devices, such as iPhone or iPad, will be available for download on September 18th. iOS 7 is chocked full of exciting new features, some of which we already highlighted in a previous article that you can read here.

The camera app in iOS 7 makes taking pictures even more intuitive. You can shoot stills, video, slow-mo, panorama, and square, switching between these different options with just one swipe, so you’ll always be ready to capture a moment. Now you can take a still shot while recording a video to take advantage of both options in a can’t miss moment. There’s also a new filter features that allow you to add filters to your photos. You can either shoot using filters or add them later. The new camera app is sure to add even more beauty to all of your photos and videos. Read More...

iOS 7 Overview

Apple is always trying to improve their products, make them more cutting edge, and increase their intuitiveness. With the announcement of iOS 7, the new operating system for your mobile devices, Apple has managed to make their products even more state of the art. With a complete overhaul of the user interface and the many exciting new features, you’ll be anxiously anticipating the release this fall.

With the new Control Center all of the most used controls are a swipe away. Swipe up on any screen, even a locked one, and you have the option to turn on Airplane Mode, turn off wifi, adjust brightness, and access things like your camera or calculator. With the built in flashlight feature, Control Center will never let you get caught in the dark. Read More...