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watchOS Undergoes Significant Improvements


Apple devotees were buzzing about the Apple Watch well before it went on the market last year. Now the operating system that powers the watch has undergone some major improvements that will surely bring a round of applause. The new watchOS adds functionality and flexibility while maintaining the features users have come to love.

Speed plays a big factor in the new release. One of the biggest complaints about Apple Watch is how long it can take for an app to open. With the new OS, Apple is promising that apps will launch instantly and a redesigned interface will make it easier to access apps by using the digital crown.

Just like snowflakes, no two watchOS users are alike and you’ll now have a greater variety of watch faces to showcase your individuality. Go from fun to business to sporty to suit your needs. With a bigger selection of apps, you’ll be able to customize your watch face, too.

Getting in shape, staying fit and tracking your workout will be even easier with the ability to see up to five workout measurements including distance, pace, active calories burned, heart rate and elapsed time without the need to swipe the watch face. It will even pause your run stats automatically when you’re at a stop light and resume tracking when you start moving again. To up the motivation factor, you can share your activity with friends and participate in competitions among your friend group.

Other features include:
• Home Kit Integration – A new Home app that makes it easier to manage all your HomeKit-enabled devices from your wrist whether you need to see who’s at the door, adjust the lighting or check the thermostat.
• Emergency Notifications – In case of emergency, simply press and hold the side button anywhere in the world and SOS will initiate a call with local emergency services. It can also send an alert message to your emergency contacts.
• Unlock your Mac – Just like old friends who seem to read each other’s mind, when you’re wearing your watch your Mac can sense when you’re near and will log you in automatically, so you can keep your Mac secure and avoid the inconvenience of having to type in your password for access to it.
• Apple Pay – Use ApplePay on your watch to make payments inside of Apps on your watch.

According to Apple’s website, the new watchOS will be released in the fall and will work for all Apple Watches. For help with all your Apple and Mac support needs, contact Cranston IT at 888-813-5558 or