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Success Story: Driven by robust IT solutions, êlizur redefines the markets it serves

In healthcare — when every moment matters — any advantage in time or efficiency can be a lifesaver. It’s in this sphere where information technology becomes mission critical, playing a leading role in patient care and improved outcomes.

êlizur is among the world’s leading musculoskeletal solution providers. The Pittsburgh-based company supplies state-of-the-art orthopedic products and services to healthcare providers and their patients. Driven by a credentialed and licensed staff and technologically advanced products, êlizur improves patient outcomes with personalized musculoskeletal rehabilitation experiences throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia.

êlizur has experienced significant growth and success since its inception in 1993. But unlike in many industries, healthcare solution providers do not have the luxury of working methodically through challenges that growth spurts often bring.

Success Story: Gymkhana Gymnastics sticks its landing with FileMaker, Apple and CranstonIT

As competitive gymnasts for the University of Pittsburgh back in the 1970s, Elliott Sanft and Ed Swerdlow learned at an early age the importance of precision. They learned how one misstep can often unravel years of diligent training and preparation.

Today, as owners of Gymkhana Gymnastics, Sanft and Swerdlow count on that precision not only in their gymnastics instruction but in their technology environment, as well. Gymkhana offers gymnastics programs and competitive training in four Pittsburgh-area locations — Point Breeze at The Factory, Bethel Park, Monroeville/Plum and Wexford — and depends on its FileMaker database for on-point student evaluations, record-keeping and accounting across all four sites.

Enhance Your Business' IT with Managed Services

IT support has changed. Break-fix solutions no longer apply. As your IT environment has grown and becomes more complex, the concept of depending on IT support only when needed is no longer sufficient. Instead, as your business reliance on IT expands, a managed service approach monitored by a team of IT professionals can discover and solve problems before your productivity is compromised.

CranstonIT is an Apple® centric professional IT services company and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. We are charged with offering IT services for macOS® and iOS platforms and focused on the key desktop and mobile support solutions that help your business integrate Apple and third-party technologies. CranstonIT’s certified techs are dedicated to providing comprehensive support via managed services, ensuring your entire IT environment is continually maintained to the highest standards in the industry. Read More...

Avoid New Tech Trauma: Let Cranston IT set up your Christmas presents

If you or members of your family are hoping Santa brings a new iPad Pro, Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone 7 or any other new device for Christmas, chances are high you’ll have to spend a quite a chunk of time setting up that new technology. With transferring files and data, registering accounts, and setting up new Apple IDs, payment info, backups, family sharing, and networking, that process might cost you not only a lot of time, but also a lot of frustration.

There’s a simple remedy for that new tech trauma. Let Cranston IT take care of it for you. Read More...

CIT Menu Bar and Alert System Offer Support Superhero-Style

Business and residential contract clients of Cranston IT have a free, resourceful tool available to them that can help make life a lot easier. We call it the CranstonIT (CIT) Menu Bar, but it’s really more like our own little IT superhero. It sits quietly and innocently in the menu bar of your computer waiting till the time it needs to spring into action and save the day.

The CIT Menu Bar icon is installed as part of the CIT Alert System. Once the alert system is installed, the CranstonIT logo sits on your menu bar (the same bar where your date and time are located). Through this system, we are given real time updates on the health of your computer by monitoring your entire system including the hard drive and logic board. The alert system automatically notifies us when there is a potential complication with your computer so we can fix it right away.  It’s kind of like Batman’s bat phone or Spiderman’s spider-sense. Read More...

Success Story: The Main Point moves to Mac

The Big Picture
The Main Point, a 30-year-old Pittsburgh consulting company, found itself solving everyone’s problems except its own. While successfully offering fresh finance and business strategies to family-owned small businesses, The Main Point team was struggling to move their IT operations from Windows to Mac. An environment of PCs running Windows was becoming ineffective at meeting client needs. The Main Point, with about 50 percent of its clients outside the Pittsburgh area, needed to switch to the Mac platform to keep pace.

The Challenge
After trying to transition from Windows to Mac and encountering one obstacle after another, The Main Point team needed outsourced help. They were searching for an IT support company that offered Apple product and macOS expertise, as well as a high level of client service. “We’re a small business and we rely on our information technology 1,000 percent,” explained Emily Melious, Managing Partner at The Main Point. “We don’t have an IT department and we can’t afford one. If we’re down, we’re down.” Melious needed to gain the benefit of IT capability and support but at a fraction of an in-house resource — a tall task. Read More...

Success Story: Scott Hare Law Office overrules IT Issues

Success Story: Scott Hare Law Office

The Big Picture
Scott Hare Law Office in Pittsburgh is dedicated to the highest standard of service for its clients. In an effort to maintain high productivity levels among its staff yet increase the degree of security around client information, the firm wanted to switch to a Mac-dedicated IT landscape. Knowing the potential pitfalls of migrating to a new computing network environment, Scott Hare, the CEO and founder, sought to outsource the project. Read More...